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  • Rogers Bisco HT-6000 Solid Silicone for Gasketing and Sealing

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    Rogers Bisco HT-6000 solid silicone series have very high performance in gasketing application. HT-6000 series has different grades of shore A Durometer from 10-65 for choice. HT-6210 is extra soft with 10 shore A Durometer, HT-6220 is soft grade with 20 shore A and HT-6135 is tight tolerance solid silicone, HT-6240 is transparent solid silicone and HT-6360 is firesafe grade solid silicone. The solid silicone materials provide low compression set (<5%), high tear strength, waterproof properties and extremely tight thickness tolerances, which is ideal as function of cushioning, sealing, gasketing, gap filling and shock absorption, also even as flame barrier in various industries, like automotive industry, electronic industry, etc.

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    Rogers Bisco HT-6000 Solid Silicone for Gasketing and Sealing


    1. Available thicknesses from 0.010 to 0.125 in

    2. Extremely tight thickness tolerances

    3. Durometer of 10-65 Shore A for choice

    4. Low Compression set (<5%)

    5. Tensile strength of 250 to 1000 PSI

    6. Elongation of 175 to 650%

    7. Tear resistance of 25-125 PPI

    8. HT-6210 is extra soft, HT-6220 is soft grade

    9. HT-6135 is Tight Tolerance,HT-6240 is transparent solid silicone

    10. HT-6360 is firesafe grade solid silicone


    Rogers Bisco HT 6000 series solid silicone materials has excellent features of high temperature resistance, UV and Ozone resistance, and they can be used as gaskets, heat shields, sealants, and cushions, heat insulation in various industries, like automotive assembly, machinery industry, construction industry, electronic assembly industry, etc. Bisco solid silicone materials can be laminated with 3M adhesive tape like 3M 467/468MP, 3M 9495LE and die cut into different shapes like strips, circle parts, square parts for easy to use during application.

    As a professional adhesive tape converter, GBS is not only manufacturing our own brand adhesive tape but also provides converting services for other brand materials like Rogers Bisco Solid Silicone material, Rogers Poron materials, etc.

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    Served Industries:

    *Automotive interior&exterior assembly

    *Used as sealing, gasketing, cushioning and heat shielding for various industries

    *LCD&FPC Fixing

    * For sealing and gasketing of electronic components and electronic machine

    * Display protection and gap filling

    * Battery pads and cushioning

    * Other industry that need gasketing and sealing

    Rogers Bisco HT-6000series Solid Silicone Technical Data Sheet
    Property Test Method HT-6210 HT-6220 HT-6135 HT-6240 HT-6360
    Thickness range(mm,inch) Internal 0.25-3.18mm
    Color Visual Gray Black Cream Transparent Black
    Specific gravity
    Internal 1.07 1.08 1.22 1.07 1.71
    Durometer Shore OO ASTM D2240 10 20 33 41 63
    Compression Set
    ASTM D395
    <25 <25 <25 <35 <35
    Tensile Strength
    ASTM D412 3.3Mpa
    ASTM D412 565% 580% 580% 325% 125%
    Tear Resistance,ppi ASTM D624 >20 116 116 112
    Dielectric Strength, Volts/mil ASTM D149 372 374 381 386 386
    Dielectrc Constant, 1kHz ASTM D150 2.76 2.97 2.95 2.76 2.76
    Dissipation Factor, 1kHz ASTM D495 0.003 0.003 0.001 0.003 0.003
    Dry Arc Resistance, Seconds ASTM D495 122 123 145 124 124
    Volume Resisivity,Ohm-cm ASTM D257 10^14 10^14 10^14 10^14 10^14

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