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  • Rewinding / Slitting




    The rewind machine is mainly used to unwind a large roll of paper, film, non-woven tape, aluminum foil tape, insulation tape or other jumbo roll materials into small rolls in different widths. GBS has different rewind slitting machines which utilize the Score, Shear, or the Razor slitting methods for different materials.

    Razor slitting uses single razor blades fixed on the stationary intervals across the machine. Roll material is pulled through the fixed blades, Razor slitting is mainly used for films and thinner materials.

    Score slitting uses circular knives fixed against a steel cylinder .Then pulled through the material passing between the knives and the mandrel. Score slitting is more suitable for materials of uneven thickness.

    Shear Slitting uses two rotary knives that function in the same way as a pair of scissors. It’s more suitable to cut for paper, foil, and heavier gauge materials.


    1.Adopt heavy duty structure, CNC machinery center processing and forming,high strength and good stability;

    2.More stronger cast iron stand to keep the machine working more stable;
    3.Configure with high accuracy THK linear rail,high accuracy helical gear rack transmitting,more stability,higher precision;
    4.Restart from power off,auto feeding,restoration,continue processing at break point.Support 9 coordinate setting,user friendly
    5.Configured with SUDA 3 in 1 control system,quickcalculation,strong anti-interference ability;6.Equipped with industrial
    camera,the probe is clear.High positioning precision;
    7.Standard configured with 380V 5.5KW high speed water cooling spindle motor,high power high efficiency;
    8.Independent control cabinet,stronger power and weak power separate,maintenance easily;
    9.Be compatible with many CAD/CAM software like Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Probe/UG/Artgrave etc;
    10.Standard with industrial matrix vacuum system;
    11.Configure with manual oil lubrication system. Equipment maintenance is more convenient and quick.