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  • Die-cutting


    Single Shaft Cutting

    The single shaft cutting machine can be used for slitting all kinds of roll tape such as polyimide tape, thermal conductive tape, double-sided tape, PVC tape, PET tape, duct tape, foam tape, 3M tape series, polyester film tape, duct tape, PE protective film, copper foil, aluminum foil, tissue tape, etc. 


    1. GBS cutting Machine has PLC control and color touch screen , which can fully automatic operated

    2. It can set 10 different types of cutting width and angle of cutting.

    3. Cutter with servo-motor control, apply for different material roll, also machine cutter forward stably and smoothly.

    Flat Bed Die Cutting

    Flat bed die cutting uses, our engineer or client will need to provide CAD drawing first, then GBS help to make the die cutting mold on a plywood board or steel braces.

    GBS Flat bed die cutting machine is suitable to die cut different materials tapes like Acrylic foam tapes, PE Foam tapes, Poron tapes, Polyimide tapes, thermal conductive tapes, insulation tapes, gaskets and seals, and other protective films, etc.


    1. It’s Perfect flatness can kiss cut to 0.025 mm base material.

    2. Any acceleration and deceleration in the interval of 30-100 times/minute does not affect the cutting depth.

    3. With automatic mold clamping function, it eliminates the danger of clamping and punching,

    4. A low-point acceleration patent function to solve the problem of low punching pressure of the host at low speed.

    5. All the same mold are common and can be interchangeable conveniently with the same type of equipment.

    Rotary Die-cutting

    Rotary die cutting machine uses a cylindrical die on a rotary press. Rolls of material are unwound and fed through a hydraulic press, it can cut out shapes, make perforations or creases, or even cut the material into smaller parts.

    GBS Rotary die-cutting machine is new developed converting machine with 16 station die cutting equipment. It can save more than 500 kinds of SOP data, improve standard level, and reduce dependence on operators experience and reduce more than 60% material waste.

    It mainly used for the die cut multiple materials simultaneously, like polyimide tapes die cut with aluminum foil tape, PET die cut with duct tape, etc.


    1. It has the characteristic of fast speed, super accurate, easy operation, high efficiency

    and less cost.

    2. It’s good for all kind of label die-cutting jobs, include short run to long run.

    3. If the job is large quantity, then you can change the magnetic roller accordingly, it will highly

    increase the die-cutting quality and output.