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    GBS Tape has rich experience in providing adhesive solution for automotive industry. From concept design to finished product, GBS has strong engineer team and production team to provide different converted solutions for interior, assembly, transportation, and masking related applications.

    Automotive tapes recommended:

    High temperature masking tapes Polyimide tapes
    PET silicone tapes Join&bonding VHB tapes
    Vibration and Acoustic Insulation tapes Die cut seals and gaskets
    Low VOC tapes Powder coating masking tapes
    Thermal foil tapes Silicone rubber tapes
    3M tapes die cuts Protective masking tapes/films


    As a trusted supplier, GBS Tape has been acquiring all new and innovative materials available in marketplace to provide high-quality innovative die cut adhesive solutions for electronic industry, like Bonding & Joining, EMI/RFI Shielding, Circuit Board and Thermal Management applications.

    Electronic tapes recommend:

    Polyimide Wave Solder Protection tape Anti-static Polyimide film/tape
    Anti-static Polyester tape Conformal Coating Masking Tapes
    EMI / RFI Shielding tape Aluminum Foil with Conductive Adhesive tape
    Copper foil tapes Thermally Conductive Pads & Gaskets
    Join&bonding VHB tapes Mylar insulation tapes
    Wish bond masking discs PE/PET protective films


    Bespoke adhesive tapes and films are also widely applied in construction field, which can enhance the fastness, performance, even aesthetics when architectural structure, interior finishing, constructive mounting, and window&door installation, etc,.

    Construction industry tapes recommend:

    VHB Foam tape PE Foam tape
    Tissue double side tape Transfer double side tape
    Polyester double side tape Duct tape
    Paper masking tape PVC Floor floor tape
    PTFE Teflon tape Aluminum foil tape
    PE Protective film Self fusing Rubber tape

    Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy has an important strategic significance for protecting the environment and improving the energy structure. GBS is committed to providing various adhesive solutions to the demanding needs of this market, such as the long-term exposure of components to extreme environmental conditions, including UV light, wind, rain, hail, salt spray and debris.

    Renewable energy tape recommend:

    Graphene tapes Thermal conductive materials
    Weather resistant tapes Heat resistant tapes
    Aluminum foil tapes VHB mounting tapes
    Electrical insulation tapes Double side foam tapes
    Silicone rubber tapes PE/PET Protective Films


    As a high end application industry, aerospace also requests supplier to provide different function die cut components. And GBS Tape is qualified to provide adhesive solution for aerospace area, such as composite bonding, stripping and painting, and interior refurbishing.

    Aerospace tapes recommend:

    Powder coating masking tapes EMR/RFI Shielding tapes
    Composite bonding tapes HVOF masking tapes
    Vibration and Acoustic Insulation tapes PTFE films and tapes
    Sound dampening foil tapes Heat resistant tape

    Appliance & Housing

    GBS is not only provide adhesive solutions to manufacturing industry but also to Appliance and housing, such as Moisture Barriers, Vibration Dampening, Surface Protection, Wire Harness, Sound&Thermal Protection, Thread Locker, etc,.

    Appliance&housing tapes recommend:

    VHB bonding tape Crepe paper masking tape
    PVC electrical tape Filament tape
    Tissue double side tape Duct tape

    Arts & Entertainment

    You would never image how powerful the adhesive tape is. It can be used as decoration or reminder in some entertainment&art venues, like bar, night club, auditorium, theater, etc,.

    Tapes recommend:

    Fluorescence duct tape Matte black duct tape
    Light shading tape Colorful paper masking tape
    Double side tapes Printing Paper tape

    Textile & Apparel:

    Textile & apparel industry also need various adhesive tapes while manufacturing, GBS could always provide most suitable adhesive solutions based on different industries.

    Tapes recommend:

    Polyester double side tape Tissue double side tape
    Duct tape Foam tape
    Crepe paper masking tape Protective Film

    Other Industry

    It’s very interesting that GBS always received various strange adhesive tape application from clients, some are for construction, some are for decoration, some are for pets training, some are for birds shocking, some are for packing, etc.

    Some other special tapes recommend:

    Cats training tape/cats anti scratched tape Copper foil tape to prevent snails
    PET+Aluminum foil to prevent bird Bicycle tape