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  • High-end thermal conductive silicone gasket composite PI film for heating power devices

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    Silicone Rubber Composite Polyimide Film is a high-end interface thermal conductive material. It uses high-quality PI film as the carrier, and rolls aluminum oxide thermal conductive powder on the upper surface. After special process control, it has excellent thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, insulation performance and certain buffering performance. A high-end thermal compound material made of a thermally conductive silicone rubber coated on the surface. Besides of that, it can be used as an alternative to Saint-Gobain K271.

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    High-end Thermal Conductive Silicone Gasket Composite PI Film for Heating Power Devices

    Material Thermal silica
    Color Grey/blue
    Thermal conductivity 1.0±0.2W/M.K
    Hardness 45±5Shore C
    Breakdown voltage >6Kv/mm
    Volume resistivity 10^14Ω.cm
    Flame retardant grade 94V-0
    Environmental testing Pass



    1. Polyimide film and silicone rubber provide excellent electrical isolation and high dielectric performance

    2. Silicone rubber layer provides a compliant, non-stick surface for excellent heat transfer and easy disassembly

    3. Polyimide film provides excellent cut-through resistance

    4. Thickness: 0.5mm~3mm (±0.2mm); 3mm~5mm (±0.3mm); 5~20mm (±10%mm)

    5. Color: can be customized

    6. Thermally conductive adhesive provides excellent thermal transfer at low application pressures

    7. Certain cache performance and flame retardant and insulating properties

    8. The material is stable and does not produce foreign matter

    9. Available to die cut into any shape design as per drawing


    Served Industries:

    1. T laptops, computer hosts, TVs, monitors and other display products;

    2. High-power LED lighting, high-power LED spotlights, street lights, fluorescent lamps, etc.;

    3. Power devices (power supply, computers, telecommunications), automotive electronic modules (engine wipers) power modules, high-power power supplies, computing server applications (CPU, GPU, hard drives) and anywhere cooling needs to be filled;

    4. Various power battery packs;

    5. Used in heating power devices (integrated circuits, power tubes, thyristors, transformers, etc.) and heat dissipation facilities (heat dissipation) for electronic products and electronic equipment.

    sheets, aluminum shells, etc.) to achieve better thermal conductivity.

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