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  • 3M Double Sided VHB Tape( 9460PC/9469PC/9473PC ) for Industrial Joining or Metal Fabrication

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    3M Double Sided VHB Tape 3M9460PC, 9469PC and 9473PC designed with High Performance Acrylic Adhesive 100MP combine with 3M logo printed polycoated craft paper liner. The thickness are 2mil ,5mil and 10mil respectively. They can resist to high temperature from 149℃ to  260℃. The 3M 100MP adhesive provides stronger adhesion strength than typical pressure sensitive adhesive systems, which offers excellent performance of longevity and durability. It conforms well to a wide range of both indoor and outdoor application such as metal fabrication, Logo and nameplate bonding, panel to frame bonding, LED Lighting industry etc.

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    1. 100MP strong acrylic adhesive system
    2. 2mil, 5mil and 10mil for different application
    3. High temperature resistance
    3. Chemical solvent and UV resistance
    4. Operating temperature 149, Short term temperature 260
    5. Good conformity excellent shear strength
    6. Replace function of rivet, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners
    7. Conforms to a variety of indoor and outdoor applications
    8. Available to die cut into any shape design as per drawing

    3M double sided tapes specification


    With the strong adhesive system of 3M 100MP, 3M 9460PC VHB Tape has very high adhesion of strength, which can replace the function of rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives to a permanent bond. It’s designed for used with medium and high surface energy materials like metals, polyimide and polycarbonate. It also performs well under high heat or cold and cyclic conditions. The long term operation temperature is 149℃ (300°F) and short term temperature resists to 260℃(500°F). It can be used to bond metal to metal, or bond polyimide to aluminum or bond metals decals to mufflers.


    Application industries:

    1. Bond metal to metal

    2. Bond to high energy surface like polyimide, metals, aluminum, polycarbonate

    3. Bonding flexible printed circuits (FPC) to aluminum stiffener or heat sinks

    4. Indoor or outdoor industrial bonding

    5. Digital product part permanent bonding such as LCD LED Display Screen Fixation

    6. Nameplates membrane switch permanent bonding

    7. Metal parts permanent bonding


    3M vhb adhesive transfer tape application

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