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  • DMD Insulation Paper for Transformer&motor Gasket Insulation

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    DMD Electrical Insulation Paper is a type of composite flexible material which made of two layers of electric non-woven polyester fabric with polyester film in the middle and coated with high temperature resistance F-grade adhesive. It has high mechanical strength, excellent electrical property and long operation temperature resistance at 155℃. It’s suitable for general F-class motors as slot, phase insulation and gasket insulation on various industries like electronic and electrical industry, wire and cable industry, automotive manufacturing industry, etc.

    Our thickness range of DMD insulation paper is from 0.16mm to 0.46mm, and color is available with white and blue. Size can be customized according to customer’s application.


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    DMD Insulation Paper for Transformer&motor Gasket Insulation


    1. Made from Polyester Film with a non-woven polyester fabric on both sides

    2. Thickness ranges from 0.16mm to 0.46mm

    3. High mechanical strength and excellent electrical property

    4. Temperature resistance at 155℃

    5. Uniform and smooth surface

    6. Easy to insert, with a certain hardness and resilience

    7. Various application on different industries



    With the features of high mechanical and dielectric strength, DMD electrical insulation paper is usually used as insulation gasket on the transformer or motors especially for making slots in the stator windings of automobile generators, three-phase asynchronous motors, electric vehicle motors, etc. It can also used as pad insulation and turn-to-turn insulation. It’s also used in other industry like inverters, controllers, or wire cables as insulation and shielding between cables and outer layers.


    Served Industries:

    1. Inverters, controllers, transformers,

    2. For phase isolation, gasket insulation and turn-to-turn insulation.

    3. Transformer & Motors Insulation

    4. Wire & Cable Insulation

    5. Controller & Frequency Converter

    6. Power Switch Insulation

    7. Lithium Battery Insulation

    8. LED Lighting & LED Driver

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