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  • 3M 363 High Temp Aluminium Foil Glass Cloth Tape for Aerospace Industries

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    3M 363 high temperature aluminium foil tape is a multi-functional tape made of a combination of heat-reflective aluminum and pressure-sensitive silicone. The heat-reflective aluminum is supported by strong glass cloth, giving it rugged performance. The glue is pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive. It adheres well to irregular and uneven surfaces. This tape is highly weather resistant and resists flame, moisture, weather and UV degradation, protecting electrical wires and components from flame, heat, light and moisture. It has excellent thermal conductivity, making it stable over a temperature range of -65-600°F (-54-316°C). 3M 363 is ideal for aerospace, automotive and general industrial applications due to its high tensile strength, heat resistance and reflectivity.

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    3M 363 High Temp Aluminium Foil Glass Cloth Tape for Aerospace Industries


    1.  Thickness: 0.1mm(3.9mil) , Width: 12.7mm-457mm , Length: 33M

    2. Color: Silver

    3. Excellent thermal conductivity

    4. Weather resistance, Moisture resistance, Flame resistant. Meets F.A.R. 25.853a. and High Temperature resistance

    5. Used for aerospace and industrial applications

    6. Protect fuel lines, wiring harnesses and components.

    7. Light and flexible construction easily conforms to curved or irregular surfaces

    8. Good combination of flexibility

    9. Available to die cut into any shape design as per drawing



    3M363 has high tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance, and with its pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive, it adheres well to silicone surfaces and irregular or uneven substrates. Therefore, it can be used as a reinforcing plate for aircraft and automobiles, and for leak repair of various metal materials. This tape is light and heat reflective, plus it resists flame, moisture, weather and UV degradation. It is a chemical-resistant thermally conductive tape recommended for use in heat-reflective cladding of insulated cables, instruments or other high temperature sensitive materials such as bundling wire harnesses that will be exposed to movement and vibration. Ideal for applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial industries.


    Served Industries:

    Aerospace industry

    Auto industry

    Electrical appliance industry

    Metal material leak repa

    Ventilation hose seal

    Kitchen and bathroom moisture-proof and waterproof

    Anti-interference for electronic equipment

    Range hood duct sealing

    High temperature resistant isolation

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