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  • Thermally Conductive 3M 420 Alternative Lead Foil Tape for Electroplating and X-ray Shielding

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    GBS Lead foil tape is made of lead foil and coated with polymer pressure-sensitive adhesive that offers good initial grab and a long-lasting bond that removes cleanly for most surfaces. It can be the alternative 3M 420 lead foil tape.

    It is an electrically and thermally conductive tape suited to a wide variety of temperature conditions. Our conformable tape is resistant to flames, moisture, weather, UV degradation, and many chemicals.

    This 3M 420 replacement lead foil tape has an extremely conformable and pliable tape that can be formed into detailed and intricate shapes and patterns. The lead foil backing can be burnished to fully cover the adhesive and allow full contact of the lead foil to the metal base. This metal to metal contact results in a continuation of the electrical path, reducing build-up at the adhesive interface.
    It has good conformability and can fully fit according to the complex surface of the adhered  workpiece. It is resistant to X-ray radiation, electromagnetic waves, and electroplating  accumulation. It’s ideally used in electroplating shielding, X-ray shielding, etc.

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    3M 363 High Temp Aluminium Foil Glass Cloth Tape for Aerospace Industries

    Model No. GBS-YX200
    Total Thickness(um)


    Carrier material Lead Foil
    180° Peel Strength (N/25mm)


    Tensile Strength(N/25mm) 8N/25mm
    Elongation 3%
    Transmission Rate 1g H20/100sq.in/24hours
    Temperature resist -60℃-260℃



    1. Good conformability, electrically and thermally conductive

    2. strong acid and base resistance, Flame resistance

    3. For electroplating, radiation barrier, x-ray plate masking

    4. Weather resistance, Moisture resistance

    5. Excellent EMI shielding performance

    6. Low moisture vapor transmission rate and waterproof

    7. Flame resistant, heat and light reflectance

    8. heat reflective, light reflective, conformable tape

    9. Available to die-cut in any custom shape design



    Masking applications in electroplating

    Radiation barrier

    Moisture barrier

    Chemical milling

    Add weight and balance to equipment parts, golf clubs, tennis rackets, etc.

    General purpose heat reflector and heat dissipater

    Electronic EMI Shielding

    Cable/wire winding

    Home appliance&household moisture masking.

    Construction industry

    Mobile phones, computer magnetic shielding place

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