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  • 3M 4229P Dark Gray Acrylic Foam Tape for Automotive Exterior Attachment

    Short Description:

    3M 4229P Acrylic Foam Tape, also named automotive foam tape, is a medium-density, dark gray acrylic foam tape with high performance acrylic adhesives. 3M acrylic foam tape 4229P is characterized by high performance peel and shear adhesion, high internal strength, good conformability and excellent plasticizer resistance.

    It features two adhesives, one on each side of a 0.76 mm acrylic foam core, designed for robust performance and shear strength on automotive surfaces such as clear coats. The liner side adhesive is formulated for high initial and final adhesion to rigid clear coat systems. The non liner-side adhesive works on plastics and other common trim materials.

    This tape is designed for attaching a range of trim and components to clear coat systems. It is well used on all parts, especially plastics such as RIM, TPO, PPO, PP and PC.

    Product Detail

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    Excellent Chemical Resistance 3M 9485PC Adhesive Transfer Tape for Bonding Foams to LES materials



    1.  Features two different adhesives – one on each side of the tape for effective bonding

    2. Dark gray, closed cell .76 mm acrylic foam core delivers stress relaxation under load

    3. Non liner-side is designed for use with adhesion promoter on automotive trim materials

    4. Exhibits good conformability and excellent plasticizer resistance

    5. Liner-side adhesive is designed for bonding to rigid clear coat systems


    Adhesive Type Acrylic Foam Tape
    Backing (Carrier) Thickness (Imperial) 0.76 mm
    Total Film Thickness 30 Mil
    Overall Length 65.837 m
    Overall Width   1,231.9 mm
    Product Color Dark Gray
    Product Usage Step Pads, Wheel Arch Extensions, Pillars, Claddings, Rocker Panels, Sill Plates, Spoilers

    Wide Application

    Application Industry:

    -Body side moldings

    -B pillar appliques

    -ABS and PVC rocker panels

    -Door edge moldings

    -Wheel lip moldings

    -Luggage rack slats

    -Wind and rain deflectors

    -Dashboard overlays

    -Emblems and nameplates


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