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  • 3M 93010/93020 300LSE Adhesive Double Coated PET Film Tape

    Short Description:

    3M 93010LE and 3M 93020LE are the type of high strength acrylic adhesive double side tape. They uses clear polyester film as carrier and double side coated with 300LSE super strong acrylic adhesive combine with polycoated kraft paper liner which is ideal for die-cutting and converting applications. The flexible polyester film provides dimensional stability to foams and other substrates to make tape easier to handle during slitting and die-cutting. And the excellent 300LSE adhesive types allow the tape to bond well the similar and dissimilar materials like metal to plastic, or plastic to paper, or metal to glass, etc. They offer good chemical, humidity and moisture resistance, as well as performance across a wide temperature range (from -40ºF/-40ºC to 300ºF/148ºC). The bond strength increases as a function of time and temperature, and has very high initial adhesion. The thickness 93010LE is 0.1mm and 93020LE is 0.2mm, the designer can choose the proper thickness to apply on their manufacturing process.

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    3M 93010/93020 300LSE Adhesive Double Coated PET Film Tape


    1. 0.1mm thick for 93010LE, 0.2mm thick for 93020 LE

    2. 300LSE High strength adhesive on both side

    3. High initial adhesion to various objects materials

    4. Good anti-lifting properties

    5. Bond well to similar and dissimilar materials like metals, most plastics, glass, papers or painted surface

    6. Good chemical, humidity and moisture resistance

    7. Wide temperature range application (from -40ºF/-40ºC to 300ºF/148ºC)

    8. Excellent for die cutting and converting application


    Application Industry:

    3M 300LSE is a high strength acrylic adhesive family designed to provide very high bond strength to most surfaces, including a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials. The 3M 93005LE(0.05mm), 3M 93010L(0.1mm)E, 3M 93015LE(0.15mm) and 93020LE(0.2mm) are the typical models among the 300LSE family. Featured with high initial adhesion and excellent bonding strength, they are usually applied on consumer electronic device assemblies such as phones, tablets and wearable devices, and the automotive industry assembly, as well as on plastic and metals bonding in various industries. Here at GBS, we can no not only provide material in different roll size but also provide precision die cutting service according to customer’s design.


    Instructions for use

    1. Consumer electronic device assemblies such as phones, tablets and wearable devices

    2. Industrial electronic device assemblies such as workstations

    3. Plastic assembly bonding in a variety of industries

    4. Various assemblies in automotive industry

    5. Application and assembly of components on appliances

    6. Medical equipment and device fabrication

    7. General industrial applications such as trim attachment

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