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  • Double Sided Acrylic 3M VHB Foam Tape Series 3M RP16 RP25 RP32 RP45 RP62

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    The 3M VHB Foam tape series 3M RP16 RP25 RP32 RP45 RP62 consists of grey color durable Acrylic Adhesive layer in 0.4mm/ 0.6mm/ 0.8mm/ 1.1mm/ 1.55mm thickness with white dense kraft paper as substrate. It offers design flexibility with its viscoelasticity strength and excellent bonding way to a variety of surfaces, like vary metals, composites, ABS, acrylic, paints and glass etc,. 3M VHB foam tape is a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms of mechanical fasteners. It is commonly used in general industry applications, including transportation, appliance, electronics, construction, and home appliance. 

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    1. Grey color multi-porpose acrylic adhesive.

    2. Chemically resistant as well as UV.

    3. Excellent bonding in a way to many different substrates.

    4. Alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms.

    5. High temperature adhesive tape.

    6. Long term durability.

    7. Easy to die cut to any shapes and sizes.

    3M VHB foam tape series are multi-purpose acrylic adhesive and provides an extraordinarily strong double sided foam tape that adheres to a broad range of substrates, including vary metals, plastics, acrylic, construction industry and painted or sealed wood and concrete. So it is widely used for most of general industries and other daily used, with the thickness gray color acrylic adhesive, it provides high bonding strength and long-term durability. As for the good property of chemically resistant as well as UV and temperature stable, so it performances extremely durable and resistant to change over time.

    Below are some industries that 3M VHB foam tape can be applied on:

    *Electronic displays bonding

    *Automotive interior&exterior mounting

    *Transportation jointing

    *Home applies panel to frame mounting

    *Construction bonding mounting

    * General Industries mounting

    3M RP series-Acrylic-Foam-Tape

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