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  • 3M 681 UPVC Film Tape for Heat Shrink Packaging and Ink Adhesion Test

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    3M681 is the upgrade version of 3M610 which is a type of light duty packaging tape. It uses 1.5mil UPVC Film as carrier and coated with 0.9mil natural rubber adhesive. The UPVC Carrier film features excellent moisture and chemical resistance, and the natural rubber adhesive provides high initial adhesion to various substrates. It’s high transparent, stable adhesion, high temperature resistance and can be removed easily without leaving residues to the surfaces. It’s many used on heat shrink packaging industry, ink adhesion test, printing PCB board adhesion test, silk screen printing adhesion test, and also ideally for strapping or temporary holding application.


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    3M 681 UPVC Film Tape for Heat Shrink Packaging and Ink Adhesion Test


    • 1.5mil UPVC Film as carrier with 0.9mil natural adhesive coated
    • Upgrade version of 3M610
    • Excellent moisture and chemical resistance
    • High initial adhesion to difficult substrates
    • Easily removed without residue
    • Excellent on handling and durability
    • Different sizes can be provided as per customer request



    Benefit with the features of high tack adhesion and resilience to moisture and chemicals, the 3M681 light duty UPVC Film tape has various application. It’s usually applied on the heat shrink packaging industry, and also performance very well as a type of adhesion test like Ink adhesion test, Printing PCB Board test, silk-screen printing test. Besides, because of the excellent handing and durability, it can also used as carton sealing, temporary strapping and temporary holding during the transportation,etc.

    Scope of application:

    • Heat Shrink Packaging
    • Carton sealing
    • Ink adhesion test
    • Printing PCB Board test
    • Silk-screen adhesion test
    • Car painting adhesion test
    • Temporary fix for printing film
    • Temporary holding application, etc

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