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  • 3M 55280 Double Coated Adhesive Tape With Thick PVC Film for Automotive Rearview Mirror

    Short Description:

    3M 55280 is double coated tape with a thick PVC film improved handling with ease of die cutting and laminating. The high tack adhesive provides relatively high initial adhesion and good shear holding power to a variety of surfaces, at the same time, it has good vibrating resistance ability. It’s widely used for plastic film lamination, bonding,splicing, mirror attachment etc. It can be pasted on various surfaces withstand heavy loading, and teared off without leaving residue. It is always for household or automotive usage. With log roll size of 1220mm*50m. Custom roll size and die cut size are both available.

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    3M 55280 Double Coated Adhesive Tape With Thick PVC Film for Automotive Rearview Mirror


    1. Wide range of applications

    2. Withstand heavy loading

    3. High Bond, with good initial adhension and shear  

    4. High temperature resistance and high viscosity

    5. Water proof and anticorrosive

    6. Teared off without leaving residue

    7. Widely using for indoor and outdoor adhesive.

    Wide Application

    -Home furniture trim edge fix.

    -Automotive rearview mirror fix

    -Photo Frame Fasten

    -Kinds of metal, plastic parts bond

    -Phone Screen Frame bond

    -Mirror attachment

    -Medical/non-medical diagnostic test stripsIdeas

    -Plastic film lamination/bonding


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