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  • 3M scotch 665 double coated transparent UPVC film repositionable tape

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    3M 665 is a linerless double coated repositionable tape which uses 1.4mil clear UPVC Film as carrier coated with different acrylic adhesive system on two sides. The face side is coated with 3M acrylic adhesive 400, which has very good initial tack and peel strength to a various similar or dissimilar materials like metals, glass, wood, papers, paints, and many plastics. The back side is coated with 3M acrylic adhesive 1070 system,which is a medium tack adhesive to provide a firm bonding, it allows to easily clean removal from oils, films and other surfaces without leaving adhesive residue. The special UPVC Film carrier provides tape handing for die cutting and laminating, the completely plastic construction is also suitable for specialized processes such as hot wire cutting for foam and plastic packaging applications.

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    1. 1.4mil UPVC Film as carrier

    2. 3M acrylic adhesive 400 on face side and 3M 1070 acrylic adhesive system on back side

    3. Face side with high initial tack and apply to various materials

    4. Back side provides stable bonding and removable without leaving adhesive residue

    5. High temperature performance

    6. Good peel strength

    7. Excellent for die cutting and laminating

    8. Allow for hot wire cutting

    With the special UPVC Film carrier and two differential acrylic adhesive system on two sides, 3M 665 can apply to various applications like reclosable bags and envelopes, core starting and end tabbing of papers, foils and films, point of purchase displays, mounting promotional items, temporary repositioning of foam gaskets, etc.

    Application industry:

    Reclosable bags or envelopes

    Core starting and end tabbing of papers, foils and films

    Removable stickers and labels

    Point of purchase displays

    Mounting promotional items

    Removable/changeable advertisements

    Temporary hold for protective packaging material, such as foam or cardboard, used during shipment of manufactured goods

    Temporary repositioning of foam gaskets

    3M 665 Application

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