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  • Fireproof Flame Retardant Double Sided Tissue Tape for Membrane Switch

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    GBS fireproof flame retardant double sided tissue tape uses thin tissue as carrier and double coated with environmental halogen-free flame retardant adhesive and combine with release paper. With the strong adhesion and flexibility, fireproof double side tissue tape is usually applied on fixing and bonding of membrane switch, lithium battery fixation, fixing the thermal insulation panel for automotive engine. It can also be laminated with other materials like Foam, EVA, PC, PP to meet different industry application.

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    1. UL94- V0 certificated

    2. Double coated environmental halogen-free adhesive

    3. High initial adhesion

    4. Good shear strength and holding power

    5. Good combination of flexibility

    6. Excellent flexibility and easy to tear

    7. Strong viscosity with PP, PC, OPP, PE, EVA, PORON, sponge, metal, etc.

    8. Available to die cut into any shape design as per drawing

    With the features fireproof, flame retardant and high initial tack adhesion, fireproof tissue tape also plays as an insulation function while apply to membrane switch. It can be used to fix the electronic wiring, screen panel and also used to bond and fix the interior decoration of automotive car.


    *Insulation and fixation for membrane switch

    *Nameplate and Logo Sign fixing

    *LED light panel fixation

    *Automotive engine thermal insulation panel fixation

    * Electronic wiring fixation

    * Adhesion to PP, PE, PU, foam and other materials

    Suitable for adhesion of cars, mobile phones, computers and other electrical components. Sponge, rubber, signs, nameplates, printing, toys and gifts industry and other applications.

    Double side tissue tape

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