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  • Non-conductive adhesive Aluminum foil tape for EMI Shielding

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    Aluminum foil tape uses various thickness of aluminum foil as backing carrier coated with Non-conductive or conductive acrylic adhesive and combined with release paper. It can also laminate with PET film or other material to crate different function for various range of application industry. 

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    1. Good electrical conductivity

    2. Excellent EMI shielding performance

    3. Heat resistance and strong adhesion.

    4. Low moisture vapor transmission rate and waterproof

    5. Flame resistant, heat and light reflectance

    6. Available to die-cut in any custom shape design

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    Aluminium Foil Tape details

    Aluminum foil tape is usually used to eliminate electromagnetic interference(EMI), isolate electromagnetic waves from the human body and avoid unnecessary voltage. With the features of Flexible carrier, strong adhesion and good electrical conductivity, it’s also often used as wrapped around the wire winding. With the different application developed by our customer, Aluminum foil tape can be also laminated with other material like PET Film, Polyimide film, Fiber fabric,. etc to create different function.


    Below are some general industry for Polyester PET tape:

    • Electronic EMI Shielding
    • Cable/wire winding
    • Pipe wrapping
    • Home appliance&household
    • Refrigerator of factory main raw material
    • Mobile phones, computer magnetic shielding place
    • Construction industry
    • LCD TV monitor, portable computer, peripheral equipment, mobile phone, cable and other electronic products EMI shielding.
    aluminum foil tape application

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