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  • Dark Green Paper Florist Tape for Garden Bouquet Stem Wrapping

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    GBS Florist Tape uses crepe paper as carrier and impregnated with a blend of proprietary waxes and polyolefins to give it its unique properties and characteristics, which is strong and stretchable, not too easily torn.

    The green floral tape features with mess-free and easy-to-handle wax layer that fuses to itself when stretched, so you need to stretch the tape before wrapping on the stem to release the stickiness. It’s usually used for bouquets stem wrapping, artificial flower stem wrapping, gift wrapping, etc.

    General size of our dark green floral tape is 12mm*30yards per roll, other colors is available to customize.


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    1. Crepe paper material

    2. Stretch release stickiness

    3. 12mm*30yards

    4. Easy to wrap on the flower stem

    5. Apply for flower arrangement, wedding bouquets, gift wrapping, etc.

    Our environmental dark green floral tape is ideal to use for flower arrangement, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, stem-wrapping bouquets, artificial flower, flower crowns, gift wrapping, flower pens, school project, DIY scrap booking and foam wreath. It’s great for Children's Creative Design, Holiday Gift Decoration, photo albums and any things you want to decor.

    An using notes that:

    You will need to stretch the wrap as you go - releases the stickiness. Since the tape is covered in a wax adhesive that doesn't activate until the tape is stretched, and it sticks only to itself.

    It will feel sticky on the outside but leave it overnight and everything will be dry to the touch. Periodic breaks to wash hands also resolved the sticky.



    Flower Arrangement

    wedding bouquets

    Stem-wrapping Bouquets

    Artificial Flower

    Gift Wrapping

    school project

    DIY scrap booking

    stem wrapping tape
    flower decoration tape

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