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  • Fiberglass Thermal Conductive Tape for Heat Sink of LED, CPU

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    GBS fiberglass thermal conductive tape uses fiberglass material as carrier backing with double sided thermal conductivity adhesive coated. It has very good thermal conductivity and flexibility performance which is quite suitable for the application of CPU Chip set and LED Heat sink. It offers a premium heat-transfer path between heat-generating components and heat sinks or other cooling devices.

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    1. Excellent thermal conductivity

    2. Tearing resistance and break-down resistance

    3. Very High bond strength to surfaces

    4. Various thickness for options

    5. Improve the shelf life for electronic components

    6. Easy to die-cut in any custom shape design

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    Thermal Conductive Tape details

    With the strong features of conductivity of 1.2W/m-k, fiberglass thermal conductive tape is very suitable to be applied on the electronic component to fix the heat sink on the power supply circuit board. It can replace screws to achieve the most effective thermal dissipation. The heat tape has very high bond adhesion and flexibility for any uneven surface. What’s more, it’s capable of laminating with other material or die cutting to be any custom shape as per client’s request.


    Application industry:

    • Heat sink of CPU, LED, PPR etc.
    • Power consumption semiconductor.
    • Replacing screws, fasteners and other fixed means.
    • LED Light strips
    • Electronic appliances, LED lighting, hardware industry, printing industry and other manufacturing industries.
    thermal conductive tape for LED lighting
    heat sink tape

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