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  • Strong Adhesion Acrylic Adhesive Polyester EV Battery Tape for Housing Protection

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    Our Electric Vehicle(EV) Battery Tape is a type of double layers polyester film tape, which uses two layers of special polyester films as carrier and coated with strong adhesion acrylic adhesive. It features with friction resistance, high insulation and voltage resistance properties, and also very easy to peel off without residue and pollution to battery surface. It’s not only used to pack the power battery to provide protection during transportation but also used as an insulation protection during the processing and assembly of EV power battery.

    Our color is available with blue and black, and we can provide both material in rolls and die cutting custom size according to client’s application.

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    1. Two layers of special polyester film as carrier

    2. Thickness with 0.11mm

    3. Strong acrylic adhesive coated

    4. Anti acid and alkaline acrylic adhesive

    5. Friction resistance

    6. High insulation and voltage resistance properties,

    7. Very easy to peel off without residue and pollution to battery

    8. Halogen content meet the IEC 61249-2-21 and EN – 14582 battery requirements

    9. Provide the battery during transportation

    10. Provide insulation during assembly of EV power battery

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    In order to save energy and reduce emissions, over the past decade, electric vehicles (EVs) have become more and more popular in the automotive market. And all the EV Manufacturer focus on the battery production, and the EV battery need to be properly secured and encapsulated by using special materials to reduce the flammability, but increase dielectric strength, and provide protection from adverse environmental conditions.

    In order to keep up with the pace of new energy vehicle manufacturing, we’ve been developing series of EV battery tapes and protective films, like Battery tab tape, Termination tape, BOPP protective film, PET Protective film,etc.

    Our Special Polyester Tape can reduce the friction between battery cells and provide protection during transportation of EV battery, and also provide secure insulation during the assemble of power battery.

    EV Battery tape application

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