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  • 3M 300LSE Adhesive 9495LE/9495MP Double Sided PET Tape for Bonding

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    3M 9495LE/9495MP double sided PET tape is a 6.7mil thick double side adhesive tape uses polyester as carrier and coated with 3M 300LSE adhesive. 3M 300LSE adhesive family has very strong initial tack and high bonding strength to various surfaces and objects including LSE plastics like polypropylene and powder coated paints. It’s quite stable and flexible to laminate on other material like Foam, EVA, Poron, Plastics, etc. It has various range of application such as logo bonding, name plate fixing, rubber sheet bonding, etc,.

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    1. 6.7mil total thickness

    2. 3M 300LSE adhesive type

    3. Excellent initial tack and high strength bonding

    4. High temperature, solvent resistant, stable and reliable

    5. Suitable for almost various surfaces bonding

    6. Strong tensile strength

    7. Easily to laminate with other material to realize various function

    PET double sided tape

    3M 9495LE double coated polyester tape provides high bonding strength and initial tack to most of surfaces, which can be applied to various industries, like powder coated painted surfaces, logo bonding, battery bonding, memory card bonding, electronic component bonding, electrical insulation bonding, etc,. It can also laminate with other materials like Foam, Rubber, Silicone, Paper to create different function during industry manufacturing.


    Below are some industries that Double Side PET tape can be applied on:

    Nameplate and membrane switches mounting and fixing

    *Nameplate and logo bonding

    *Microphone dust protection net fixing

    *PCB fixing, LCD frame fixing

    *LCD gasket mounting

    *Battery gasket fixing, battery shell fixing

    *Key pad and hard material fixing

    *Memory card fixing

    Fixing mobile phones, computers, auto parts and other plastics, metal, electrical components.

    Double side PET polyester tape

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