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  • Equivalent to TESA 51680 High Speed Flying Splice Tape for Coating and Printing

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    GBS Double side Flying Splice Tape used as flat paper as carrier and coated with high temperature acrylic adhesive. It’s a type of water resistance tape which can be immersed in water based emulsion (saturation bath). And with the very thin thickness of 80um, it can pass through the gap very perfectly. The saturation speed is allowed to 2500m/min, and it can withstand the high temperature to 150℃. It can replace TESA 51680, TESA 51780 Flying splice tape and be applied on Coating and Printing industry


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    1. Flat paper carrier, 80um thickness

    2. Water resistance

    3. High temperature resistance to 150℃

    4. Strong initial tack and high tensile strength

    5. High temperature resistance

    6. Saturation speed to 2500m/min

    7. Weather resistance

    8. Flying splice rewinding successfully rate 100%

    Flying Splice Tape

    Our Double side flying spice tape has very high initial tack, and it has high temperature resistance and can resist to water without lose adhesion. It’s usually apply on Coating and Printing industry.

    For coating application, when you got a raw paper from the supplier, it needs to saturate it before coating. For the saturation the paper need to immerse in a bath: this bath is composed by SBR latex emulsion diluted with water. The paper stays in this bath for about 2 seconds and then it’s squeezed before going into the drying section. Then you would need the double side flying splice tape to help join two raw paper material smoothly. Our double side flying splice is thinner than TESA 51680, which can pass through the squeeze section easily and smooth, and our saturation speed is allowed to 2500 m/min, which increase the successfully rate of flying splice.



    Coating flying splice industry

    Web printing flying splice industry

    Film flying splice

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