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  • Blue PVC Film Lens Surface Saver Tape for Ophthalmic Lens Processing Protection

    Short Description:

    Our lens Surface Saver Tape is specially designed to protect the lens surface during the manufacturing of RX lens like cutting, polishing and grinding. It can efficiently help prevent the scratches or particles damaging the lens during manufacturing process. The surface saver tape uses blue flexible PVC film as carrier, which is easily to distinguish for removal after the process, and then coated with natural rubber adhesive in providing superior adhesion to the lens with low torque to ensure accurate edging. It can be peeled clean and easily from the lens after de-blocking without leaving any residues or ghosting on the lens. Our PVC Film tape can be not only applied on the lens but also glass and other optical materials manufacturing.

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    1. Blue PVC Film as carrier which is easy to distinguish for remova

    2. Natural Rubber adhesive coated

    3. High temperature resistance with 150℃ for 3 hours

    4. Superior adhesion to a variety of lens types and other optical materials

    5. Low torque to ensure accurate edging

    6. Clean removal from all lens types

    7. Firmly bond with low edge lifting

    8. Easy to die cut into different shape and size


    It’s very important to protect the lens from scratches and particles damaging during the manufacturing processing of lens. Our PVC film lens surface saver tape can provide strong adhesion to the convex/concave side of the lens before it is mounted on to the blocker/tooling machine. And it can be easily to peel off from the lens after de-blocking without leaving residues on the lens surface.


    Served Industries:

    Secure racks, doors, shelves and other components in Home appliances

    Home Appliance like refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, water heater,etc  


    Office equipment like computer, printers

    Industry equipment

    Electronic component strapping

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