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  • Poylimide Sublimation Heat Transfer Tape for Sublimation on Coffee Mugs, HTV Craft on T-Shirt Fabrics

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    The sublimation heat tape is made from polyimide film as carrier and coated with silicone adhesive. It is easy to stick and not easy to break while peeling. It’s compatible in a wide temperature range of up to 280°C (536°F). It offers excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance properties, and it’s easily to peel of without leaving residue. Even uneven surfaces can be easily wrapped with heat resistant craft tape. Heat transfer tape works well in coffee mug press, heat press, T shirt application or other Thermal transfer printing.

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    1. High temperature resistance up to 280°C (536°F)

    2. Easily to stick on and peel off without leaving residue

    3. Excellent chemical stability

    4. High class electrical insulation

    5. Wide application on sublimation blanks print like coffee mug press, T shirt and other fabric heat press.

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    With the features of high temperature resistance and high performance silicone adhesive, sublimation heat transfer is only widely used as golden finger protection on electronic components assembly, but also used on sublimation blanks print. It’s not only suitable for sublimation on coffee cups, but also ideal for heat transfer vinyl on T-shirts, pillows, clothing, fabrics. Great craft heat tape for all kinds of DIY projects.


    Sublimation blanks print like sublimation mugs, tumblers, bottles, plates,

    Heat transfer vinyl on T-shirts, pillows, clothing, fabrics

    Other DIY heat transfer application

    3D printing heat transfer secure

    PCB Board manufacturing---as golden finger protection during wave solder or reflow soldering

    Capacitor and transformer---As wrapping and insulation

    Powder coating---as high temperature masking

    Automotive industry---for wrapping switches, diaphragms, sensors in seat heaters or auto’s navigation part.

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