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  • Printable Colored Bag Neck Sealing Tape

    Bag neck sealing tape refers to the tape which uses hard PVC/PET/BOPP vinyl as carrier, and then coated with eco-friendly and non-toxic rubber adhesive to tie the necks of bread bags, poly bags, food bags, and vegetable bundling in super market, etc, in an easy, reliable and secure manner.


    As nature rubber adhesive used, it features excellent performance in temperature resistance, especially in low temperature, and without residue when peeled off. The hard PVC carrier makes it high tensile strength, hard to deform, and good initial adhesion.

    The greatest advantage of the back neck sealing is to keep food fresh - Stop exposing vegetables or fresh food to dust, bacteria even the air. Taping the neck of plastic bag with this tape to avoid air entering bags, thus maintaining the freshness of perishable foods and protecting items from contamination.

    It’s used for packaging fruits and vegetables, minced meat, bread, candy, popcorn, icing bags, bakery products, industrial parts, etc. And the tape is widely used in home, supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, farmers markets, party supply.


    Here various colors for option, such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc,.

    Besides, the tape is excellent for color coding and tape is printable.


    Post time: Sep-28-2022