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  • Some Brief Introduction of Kapton Polyimide Tape

    Name: Kapton Tape/Polyimide Film Tape

    Material: Polyimide film is used as the substrate then coated with single side or double side high performance organic silicone adhesive.

    Storage conditions: 10-30°C, relative humidity 40°-70°

    Kapton Polyimide Tape

    Features and Application:

    1. It’s applied in electronic and electrical industries, and can be used for insulation wrapping of H-class motor and transformer coils with higher requirements, wrapping and fixing of high temperature coil ends, temperature measuring thermal resistance protection, capacitance and wire entanglement and other paste insulation under high temperature working conditions.

    2. Kapton/Polyimide tape features the properties of high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, electrical insulation, radiation protection, high adhesion, soft and compliant, and no glue residue after tearing off. And the biggest advantage is that when the Kapton/Polyimide tape is peeled off after using, there will be no residue on the surface of the protected object.

    polyimide tape high temperature

    3. In the circuit board manufacturing industry, Kapton/Polyimide tape can be used for electronic protection and paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches and PCB golden finger protection, electronic transformers, relays and other electronic components which need high temperature and moisture protection. Besides, according to the requirements of the special process, it can be equipped with low-static and flame-retardant polyimide tape. High-temperature surface reinforcement protection, metal material high-temperature spray painting, sandblasting coating to cover the surface protection, after high-temperature spray painting and baking, it is easy to peel off without leaving residues glue.

    4. The Kapton/Polyimide tape is suitable for wave solder shielding of electronic circuit boards, protecting gold fingers and high-grade electrical insulation, motor insulation, and fixing the positive and negative lugs of lithium batteries.

    5. Classification: According to the different application of Kapton/Polyimide tape, it can be divided into: single side polyimide tape, double-sided polyimide tape, anti-static polyimide tape, composite polyimide tape and SMT polyimide tape, etc.

    Polyimide Tape Application

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