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  • How to Choose a Correct 3M Tape Products for Your Application

    3M is a world-renowned diversified multinational company. Till now, they have been producing and selling more than 60,000 products worldwide. Their products cover various areas like Manufacturing Industry, Chemical Industry, Electrical&Electronics, Communications, Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, Medical, Security, Construction, Office, Commercial Household and Consumer Products.

    3M has a complete range of industrial tapes and adhesives that can meet the various requirement of different customers. 3M Adhesive Tapes includes Double-coated tapes, labels, VHB Foam tapes, Masking tapes, Strapping tapes, Insulation tapes, Thermal Management Tapes, EMI/RFI Shielding tapes, Protective films, and other special single coated tapes, etc. These adhesive tapes can be used in various industry application like Electrical&electronics, Automobiles, Home appliances, Construction, Aviation, LED Lighting, Renewable energy, Textile and apparel, Furniture and other industries.

    There are thousands of 3M tapes models which some times make people confusing how to choose a suitable adhesive type to meet their application. Thus here GBS Tape would like to help summarize the main 3M adhesive tape types in different application as below for your reference.

    • 1. 3M Conductive Series tapes
    •     Copper foil conductive tapes
    •     3M1181, 3M1182, 3M1183, 3M1194, 3M1188, 3M1189, 3M1245, 3M1345, 3M2245, 3M3245

    Aluminum Foil Conductive Tape
    3M1120, 3M1170, 3M1172, 3M1178, 3M1179, 3M1267

    2. 3M Thermal Conductive Series Tapes
    3M8805, 3M8810, 3M8815, 3M8820

    • 3. 3M Thermal Conductive Silicone Pads Serie  
    • 3M5516, 3M5591, 3M5591S, 3M5592S, 3M5595S, 3M5589H, 3M5590H

    4. 3M Electrically Conductive Tapes
    3M9712, 3M9713, 3M9719, 3M9703, 3M9705, 3M9708, 3M9709

    5. 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape series
    3M4991, 3M4606, 3M4608, 3M4914, 3M4941, 3M4945, 3M4951, 3M4920, 3M4930, 3M4950,     3M4955, 3M4959, 3M4926, 3M4936, 3M4941, 3M4956, 3M4932, 3M4952, 3M4945, 3M495, 3M4914, 3M4941, 3M4926, 3M4032, 3M4004, 3M4008, 3M4016, 3M4026, 3M4432, 3M4965, 3M4116, 3M4211, 3M4229P, 3M5314, 3M5925, 3M4229P, 3M5314, 3M4215,3M4210, etc.


    6. 3M PE/PU Foam Tape Series
    3M4004, 3M4008, 3M4016, 3M4032, 3M4052, 3M4056, 3M4085, 3M4408, 3M4416, 3M4432, 3M4921, 3M4462. 3M4466, 3M4492, 3M4496, 3M4965, 3M4992, 4658F

    7. 3M Double Coated Adhesive Tapes
    3M 9009, 3M 9019, 3M 9077, 3M 9475LE, 3M 9492MP, 3M 9495LE, 3M 9495MP, 3M 9609, 3M 55230, 3M55231, 3M 55232, 3M 55235, 3M 55256, 3M 55257, 3M 55258, 3M 55261, 3M 55262, 3M Y9448, 3M9495le, 3M9690, 3M 9009, 3M 9019, 3M 9079, 3M9461P, 3M 9460PCVHB, 3M 9469PCVHB, 3M 9473PCVHB,3MF9460PC,3M F9469PC, 3M F9473PC

    3M double coated tissue tape
    3M tissue tape

    8. 3M Double Coated Adhesive Transfer Tapes
    3M467MP, 3M468MP, 3M966, 3M7955MP, 3M9079, 3M9082, 3M9085, 3M9458, 3M 9471LE,3M9472LE, 3M9482PC, 3M 9485PC, 3M 9672LE, 3M F9460, 3M F9469, 3M F9473, 3M9832, 3M9671LE

    3M 467MP die cutting
    3M 467 468 die cutting

    9. 3M High Temperature Masking Tape
    3M851, 3M1278, 3M1279, 3M5413, 3M7414, 3M5414, 3M5419, 3M5433, 3M7419, 3M7413, 3M7412C, 3M851ST, 3M852ST, 3M853Y, 3M7411B

    10. 3M Wave Soldering Protective Tape
    3M5413, 3M5419, 3M7413, 3M7413T

    11. 3M PTFE Tape Series
    3M5480, 3M5481, 3M5490, 3M5491, 3M5451, 3M5453

    12. 3M Hot Melt Adhesive Tape Series
    3M615, 3M615S, 3M615ST, 3M406, 3M583, 3M688, 3M690

    13. 3M OCA Optical Adhesive Tape
    3M8142A, 3M8212, 3M8141, 3M8161, 3M8185, 3M8187, 3M9483, 3M8172, 3M8195

    14. 3M Water Contact Indicator Tape
    3M5557, 3M5557NP, 3M5558, 3M5559

    15. 3M Light Shielding Adhesive Tape
    55200H, 55201H, 6006H, 6008H, 9632-55, 4362SH, 4362NH

    16. 3M Crepe/Washi Paper Masking Tape
    3M200, 3M232, 3M244, 3M2308, 3M2310, 3M2364, 3M2693, 3M3M218, 3M2142, 3M2214, 3M2307, 3M202, 3M230, 3M231, 3M232, 3M233, 3M234, 3M236, 3M2307, 3M2308, 3M2310, 3M2311, 3M2317, 3M2364, 3M2380, 3M4734, 3M4737, 3M2516, 3M2621, 3M250, 3M255, 3M266, 3M267, 3M280,3M2110

    17. 3M Fiberglass Filament Tape
    3M8915, 3M8934, 3M1339, 3M898

    With over 20 years of adhesive tape manufacturing experience, GBS is not only capable of our owned adhesive coating production capacity but also able to provide die cutting solutions for 3M tapes as per client’s requests. At 3M, their vision is to apply science to life. And at GBS, our vision is to keep providing creative and reliable adhesive solutions for all of our customers.

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