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  • Adhesive Tape Knowledge Training Held in GBS

    GBS Adhesive Tape is devoted to providing customers with a variouty of high-quality adhesive tapes. In order to provide more professional service and comprehensive tape knowledge, we also organize regular training for front-end personnel and back-end workshop technicians from time to time.

    adhesive tape training

    Personnel participating in this training:

    Procurement staff, Foreign Trading Sales, QC, Engineer

    Training Content:

    Some knowledge about a series tapes, such as Milk white temporary protection film tape, weather-proof rubber adhesive tape, acid and alkali resistant tape, optical class protection tape, Metal coating protection tape, 3C Electronic protection tape, Thermal release tape, Automotive protection film and Wafer dicing adhesive tape.

    The above tapes are widely used in various fields. By training product content for purchasing personnel and sales personnel, GBS Adhesive Tape continuously improve the depth and structure of product knowledge for sales personnel, provide our customers with more professional product knowledge, match the most suitable application tapes, and provide customers with more effective tape solutions to fit their application.

    Post time: Mar-28-2024