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  • 3M Microfluidic Diagnostic Tape 9795R for Medical Device

    As a global diversified technology company, 3M has many original patents and innovative technologies. 3M Medical Materials and Technology Department provide raw materials such as tapes, films, and components to manufacturers of medical terminal finished products, which are widely used in many product categories. 

    For Instance: 1. Wearable medical devices mainly use single-sided non-woven fabrics and woven fabric tape, like 3M 1776, 3M 4076; 2. Transdermal drug delivery systems (3M transdermal drug delivery component products can be divided into 4 major categories: release film, backing film, controlled release film and medical tape; 3. Skin adhesion (LF400M heat sealing film, 3M 9792R single-sided aluminum foil tape, 3M 9962 double-sided hydrophilic film, 3M 9984 single-sided hydrophilic film, 3M 4076/4576 long-term non-toxic film Textile tape, 3M 1533 single-sided rayon tape, etc.; 4. And Microfluidic.

    Now we’d like to discuss the application of microfluidic tape 3M 9795R.

    3M 9795R

    Microfluidics is a technology and science that uses micron-level flow channels to process micro-volumes (1 nanoliter to 1 attoliter) of liquid. Using microfluidic technology to process detection disks or biochips (Lab-On-A-Chip) can further improve the convenience, accuracy and reliability of in vitro diagnostic testing.

    3M 9795R is silicone microfluidic diagnostic tape in medical deivice application. It can help engineers seal and bond microfluidic discs by applying pressure at room temperature. It has weak initial viscosity, no chemical substance precipitation, light transmittance of more than 90%, and non-toxicity. , low autofluorescence and other characteristics.

    Then 3M 9795R composite adhesive film (B+C) is double-sided tape. 3M 9795R sealing tape is currently only 0.1mm thick, with only one side coated. In order to meet the different product design requirements of microfluidic discs, 3M authorized processors compounded 3M microfluidic diagnostic adhesive film 9969 on the 9795R backing, thereby compounding 3M 9795R into double-sided adhesive tape (i.e. B+C combination) to meet R&D engineers' requirements for double-sided tape.

    3M 9795R composite adhesive film and PC (A+B+C) is a stiff sealing film. For engineers who want thicker and stiffer sealing films, 3M authorized processors can use 3M 9969 adhesive film to seal sealing films of different thicknesses. The PC film is compounded to the 9795R backing (i.e. A+B+C combination), thereby enhancing the thickness and stiffness of the compounded product to meet the sealing performance of the microfluidic disc.

    And especially in COVID-19, nucleic acid testing is of great significance for the diagnosis of new coronavirus. In the research and development experiments of nucleic acid detection reagents, high-quality sealing films are essential. 3M 9795R biochemical diagnostic sealing tape, with its excellent sealing and high light transmittance properties, helps scientific researchers effectively improve the accuracy of experimental testing.

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    Post time: Nov-09-2023